20 January 2010

Shack 2.0 up and running!

Well, I have finally my new shack setup!. It is an ongoing work but I have been able to work on half a dozen rigs so far on new workbench.

Here you have a picture of myself (courtesy of my friend Alf, EA5AMM) at the controls of the Enterprise... err, workbench :-D

More repair works to come soon!



Anonymous said...

It looks like heaven. Or I should say a way to make your dreams and ideals readily available. Wish I could get my Galaxy GT-550 to you for repair.

The only question is with the extra room there could be a walk way behind the equipment for rear access to it all. I always have things tumble down the shelf as I try to switch plugs around. .... ..

Anonymous said...

Are that shelving really strong enough? Those 8640Bs are really heavy. Looks like some of that metal bracket shevling that you get at Lowes. Hope it holds!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really looks great, Jose. Wish you could work on my Galaxy GT-550. I better figure out how to do it and sell it for a new rig.

You are showing me it is better to look like a broadcast station, than a shack! hi hi hi

Keep up informed, please.
Centralia, IL

Jose EB5AGV said...

Hi Larry,

Thanks for your comments!

Well, I am also a test-equipment nut so the broadcast station looks :-D

And, about the previous poster comment, yes, these shelves can take up to 40kg per bracket. I have used them for about 20 years without any problem.