03 May 2012

(Spanish) Bienvenida a los lectores de Radioaficionados (URE)

Quiero dar una bienvenida especial a todos los que han llegado por primera vez a estas páginas desde la revista de la URE. Es para mí un placer poder compartir con vosotros mis aventuras en esta interesante afición.
Espero que encontréis algo de interés, tanto en este BLOG como en mi WEB principal:


o en alguno de mis otros BLOGS:




01 March 2012

A new repair project: Collins 30L-1 amplifier

Well, sometimes dreams come true... as it was the day when a ham friend offered a non working Collins 30L-1 amplifier. It was missing some parts (tubes included), but overall it was pretty fine and obviously repairable.

Here you have some pictures of it:

Since I got my S-line back in 1997 or so and then my KWM-2A in 1998, I was looking for a fixer-upper 30L-1... and now it has arrived. Great!!!

I have started a new page on my WEB to deal with its restoration:

EB5AGV's Workbench: Collins 30L-1 restoration

I am actively working to find missing parts and hope to complete the write up as repair progresses.

Yes, I am a happy camper :-)!


03 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi all,

I am sorry for the lack of posts. As you could imagine, that means that I am still pretty busy with the radio repairs. I have been able, though, to regain some of the lost fun factor, by filtering better what I take to repair and also by scheduling some of my own equipment repairs mixed with the other ones. As a sample, I am now working on two large test equipment projects, which will be soon appear here as sepparate posts. So life goes on :-)!

I hope all of you have a nice 2012 which fullfills your best expectations.