05 September 2017

Time flies!

Years go on and on... After close to 3000 amateur radio repairs (and some test equipment ones), I still find from time to time some real challenges. And my interest to learn more on the RF field are still here. So, I guess, that means all is going fine :-)

I have upgraded my lab quite a bit on last years. Here you have some pictures of the different parts of it. Please, don't be too hard telling me some areas are too crowded, I know and am working on that!

LAB1 is where I develop most of my dayly repair work. You never have too many displays on hand:

And it is also my main ham radio station (yes, hidden below some layers right now). This is half ot it. The other half is still more hidden:

LAB2 is where older (mostly tubed) ham gear is located, along an auxiliary workbench:

Then LAB3 is the R&D area:

This is it for the in-house area. There is more outside it, but it is now too crowded to be shown ;-)

Well, back to repair!!!

See you soon.

73 Jose EB5AGV

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